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My vagina is too tight

My Vagina is Too Tight, Tampon Doesn't Fit

Question: Hi, Im a dancer and have been since i was four and im turning 15 later in this year. Im extremely flexible and being a flexible dancer comes at a price.... My vagina is the size of a piece of rice. I do know that my pelvic floor muscles(i think that's what people call it) are constantly tensed even if im relaxed. Over the past 6 months i have been doing exercises that are supposed to relax my muscles and just last month i decided to try and insert a tampon (12th attempt). After 5 excruciating minutes of inserting a extremely small tampon i got it in but not high enough. I assumed my vagina had stretched and took the tampon out. I used a mirror to look and it had so i was under the impression my vagina wouldn't return to its previous size but it has. I tried to insert another tampon today and it wouldn't budge. Im really frustrated as my next period is in the day if a competition and i cant wear a pad with the costume because it is too noticeable and i cant wear a liner because i have endometriosis so my flow is extremely heaving and also i cant skip my period because my period overrides the pill. Im in a bit of a pickle here. And one other thing that has come to my attention regarding my vagina is that i have just recently got a new boyfriend who is sexually experienced. He went to go finger me the other day and i completely freaked because im so tight and i didnt want to tell him that so i said i hadn't shaved so he wouldn't do it.  I need your help! This really sucks and i cant take another year of having a tight vagina! I'd also like to mention i did see a doctor about it and she said i need to wait until sex to start using a tampon but i am so scared of the pain because trying to put a mini tampon up there feels like im being stabbed.

Dr. Farah Kroman: The muscles inside the vagina (pelvic floor muscles) can be very tight. Also, if you're anxious about the fact that you are too tight, you will only get tighter and things will be harder. Remember that your pelvic floor is designed to be strong and also designed to be able to pop out a baby so it shouldn't be too small for a tampon. For the tampon insertion, relax as much as you can and stand with one foot on the loo or bath. When your period flow is heaviest this helps lubricate the tampon on the way in which can help. Perhaps you could start on a heavy flow day and get more comfortable using tampons from there Try using a mini tampon with a silky cover put some lubrication on it. It needs to go in about finger length so you can't feel it. If this still doesn't work, perhaps think about seeing a gynecologist for a thorough check up to make sure nothing else is going on. You certainly don't need to be having sex to be using tampons.