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When you feel those PMS symptoms (Why am I so cranky? Hide the snacks!), you know what’s coming. Chances are, you check your calendar, and make sure you’ve got the products you need for the next few days of your period. Right?

Every woman has a different cycle, and may use different products on different days.

Pre-period days
Do your periods sometimes start off a little spotty—or maybe earlier than you expect? Certain CAREFREE® liners, like our Original liner, are great as a front-line defence in the days leading up to your period.

Period days
Maybe you prefer tampons, maybe you prefer pads. If pads are your thing, go for it. But if you prefer tampons, know that a liner is a tampon’s wingman—always there for backup. Stay prepared!

The last days
Maybe your period ends on a slow note…and you really don’t need more than light undie protection at the end of your cycle. Try using CAREFREE® Original liners. They give you just enough protection, and keep you feeling clean and fresh