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What Are Tampons?

The usage of sanitary pads and other ways to manage periods has improved over the generations. From simple cotton cloths that were washed and reused in earlier times to today’s advanced disposable sanitary pads that come with an anti-leak technology, our methods to deal with menstruation have undergone quite a transition. Tampons have been a part of this journey for a while! For decades, menstrual tampons have been a handy solution to period woes and have also evolved with changing times.

We have all been educated about sanitary napkins since a very young age; similarly, let’s first get a basic understanding about what is a tampon, shall we?

A tampon is another way to deal with your period. It’s a form of menstrual protection normally made of cotton or a blend of cotton and rayon which is inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual fluid during your period. A tampon works by fitting snugly inside the vagina where there are very few sensory nerves. The tampon expands within the vaginal walls soaking up the menstrual flow.

We know what you may probably be thinking right about now! Don’t worry, the tampon won’t get lost inside your body (all women have that fear at first). The opening to the cervix is too small to let a tampon pass through. Also, a tampon has a small string at one end, making it easier to remove.

Let’s move to the convenience aspect now! The relatively small size of menstrual tampons makes them easy to carry around in your bag. They can be effortlessly inserted into your vagina, and you can walk around with minimal discomfort. Of course, like sanitary pads, tampons also need to be changed every few hours to ensure hygiene and avoid leakage. Their fairly small size makes disposal of tampons convenient too!

Tampons for periods are another one of the saviours for women during the days of menstruation. They certainly make dealing with periods more hassle-free and convenient. So, if you haven’t already used a tampon, give it a try during your next period cycle, and check out our CAREFREE® Tampons range.