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About Us


Born back in 1976 when liberation for women was in full swing, CAREFREE® products gave women freedom and with it the power to be more confident. And we’ve been doing that ever since. Women didn’t have to worry about what was happening with their periods as we developed thoughtful and innovative products that simply work better, to make sure you can keep going with your life.


Who would have thought that two sticky tapes could change the world of periods forever? We did, with the launch of the first beltless pad in the USA, Australia and Brazil in 1974.

STAYFREE® knows that periods can be difficult. That’s why STAYFREE® has a long heritage of being an innovator and creating products that provide better protection with an eye towards helping women feel totally comfortable during their period.

STAYFREE® is committed to creating the “Most Comfortable Protection Experience” so women around the world can have the confidence to stay connected to their lives, everyday of the month.