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What is Period Spotting? Will It Happen To Me?

Your periods might not always start with a regular flow from the first day and stop precisely at the right time. Before your actual periods start (or at times even during your periods) you might see some small amounts of blood in your panty. This is not a very heavy flow, neither is it very frequent. These spots of blood are the spotting before periods, which is a common occurrence. It can be considered as a signal that your body is giving, to make you aware of your soon-to-arrive periods!

Bleeding between or before your periods, or “spotting” as it is called, can occur for many reasons that are often not serious. When you first start having your period, your menstrual cycle may be irregular for a few months or even years. Hormonal changes in your body are still stabilizing and may cause this spotting between periods. If your bleeding is not excessive or does not occur for a long time, it’s likely not a problem. If you notice spotting before periods that has been there for long and many months together, get the opinion of a doctor.

In case you are sexually active, spotting after intercourse can indicate a sexually transmitted infection (STI). It can also indicate that you’re currently or were recently pregnant. If this is the case a doctor’s opinion is highly recommended.

The initial days of panic and confusion regarding what is spotting are quite natural for any girl. However, remember that spotting before periods is normal. Just like you, even your body is new to periods! Give it time and gradually your body will settle on a particular pattern, a monthly rhythm. Till then, try to relax and read up more on what is spotting and the how’s and why’s of it! Towards this end, CAREFREE® is always here to guide you and help you with all your doubts!