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Vaginal Odour

Why does my period blood smell and how can I avoid it?

During your periods, you go to the bathroom and experience an odd and unpleasant odour, and as your menstrual cycle ends, the odour also vanishes. Ever wondered what this really is? Vaginal smell is something that occurs as a part of your periods, and to ease your stress, let us clarify that it is something very natural and is bound to happen during this time.

When the blood discarded by your body during periods comes in contact with air, it gives out a peculiar odour. Also, as you might be aware this is not just blood, but also bacteria, vaginal mucus, fluid and tissue that your body is expelling; hence the combined vaginal smell! However, like everything else that goes on in your body, you need to keep a check on this odour too. If you feel that the vaginal smell during your period cycle is something different from what it usually is, or find that the smell has intensified, you may want to take some steps, visit your gynaecologist and get a check-up done! Ask them freely if you feel that something is going wrong and get your doubts clarified.

To make your job easier though, some basic hygiene measures can help keep vaginal smell at its minimum and save you from any embarrassment or unpleasant experiences. Changing pads frequently is usually an easy way to work around any fear of smells. You can usually avoid vaginal smell during your period by ensuring that you change your pad at least every 4 hours, or even more frequently if your flow is intense. In addition, CAREFREE® has taken care to make your days more pleasant with a range of pads that contain natural plant extracts which help prevent odour. These pads thus leave you feeling clean and confident all day long! With CAREFREE® , be free from that unpleasant vaginal smell and enjoy a fresh feeling, even during periods!