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Sweat, Without Sweating It

Sweating is a normal part of life. We get it. But sometimes, feeling sweaty can just make you feel really uncomfortable. And while polyester fabrics and faux leathers may look good, they’re not doing our body temperature any favours.

That’s why we have deodorant, moisture-wicking fabrics, loose fitting clothes—and yes, liners.

Certain panty liners, like CAREFREE® Acti-Fresh and CAREFREE® Breathable, have a breathable backing that allows air to circulate so you maintain that fresh underwear feel, just like active-wear fabrics.

Starting every day with one of these liners gives you a better chance of feeling comfortable and confident—much better than you’d feel wearing a sweaty pair of panties.

Change your liner whenever you need it during the day, and see how much drier and fresher you and your undies feel—even on the most blazing hot days.