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I Put My Tampon In and It's Leaking

Question: A while ago I got my period and one day I inserted a Tampon and I went to the toilet about 1/2 and hour later and the tampon didn't seem to work:(.There was blood on my liner and my undies.Please help me I don't know if I am doing this right:(.

Dr. Farah Kroman: Sometimes, especially when your flow is heavy, the tampon doesn't 'mop up' the excess blood in the vagina when you put it in and that can leak onto your undies. Also, if your flow is too heavy for the tampon you are using, you can have leakage. I suggest using a bigger liner (made to absorb small amounts of blood) for that first hour or so after tampon insertion during heavy flow times and to make sure you are using the right absorbency tampon.