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Bleeding with implant

Bleeding with implant

Question: So umm, like I use a contraception, jadelle, i'm 17. I never used to get my period on this and now I get it for a day or two every week. do I have to get it removed? I also get my period through the normal pills when I'm on the pill sooo, umm yeah? I'm a tad confused. help?

Dr. Farah Kroman: Jadelle is a progesterone producing contraceptive, which is similar to the better known Implanon. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of any progesterone-only contraception is unpredictable spotting. I often start girls on the pill on top of their 'rod' contraception to stop the bleeding (so long as there is no reason for them not to be on the pill). See your GP or local family planning clinic for more advice.

Question: I'm almost 24 I’ve got 3 kids ages 8 7 & 3 Iv not had a proper period in 8 years as I’ve had the implanon 3months ago I had my first period after having the rod removed had a few cramps all ok second period exactly 1 month later again good period and then it took 2 and a half months for this one I'm in agony I over fill my pad in 5mins I can't get out of bed I woke up to the bed drenched in blood this morning I'm not sure whether I'm having a heavy period or if it's a mild haemorrhage as I had a severe haemorrhage when gave birth to my 3yr old is this normal or should I get to Drs/ hospital please?

Dr. Farah Kroman: Sudden super heavy bleeding is not okay. See your doctor.